How To Order A Movie On Direct TV

If you are new to owning a satellite dish, you may be wondering how to order a movie on Directv. Fortunately, it is not hard to do and whether you are in the mood for an action adventure or have to watch a date-night flick with your girlfriend, once you learn a few things you will be ready to order your movie.

1. Choose your movie. Directv Cinema movies begin every 30 minutes. Once you decide on the movie and what time you want to watch it (or record it), you are ready to order.

2. Use your Directv remote. The fastest way to order a movie on Directv is with the remote. Find the movie through the channel guide and push the ‘select’ button. Follow the prompts on your television screen to purchase your movie or record it to your DVR receiver for viewing later.

3. Go to the Directv website on your computer. If you are not sure what movies Directv is currently showing, simply go to their website and click on "What’s on TV" for their current list. You will then have the option of viewing the newest releases or other movies they are offering. Pick your movie, choose ’Order Now’, select the time you want it to start, then wait for your movie to begin..

4. Order a movie on your smartphone. Find the movie you want to watch with the channel guide on your television. When the channel of the movie is displayed on your television screen, select ’Order a Movie’ or ‘Event Now’ from the Directv application on your phone. Locate the movie from the list on your phone that corresponds with the television channel you have chosen. Follow the prompts and enjoy your movie.


You cannot order a movie through your television unless you have a phone line connected to it.

If you have already established access to your online Directv account, you will use the same email address and password to order movies on your phone. If you do not have a registered online account, you will have to register before you have access.

When ordering a movie online, make sure to note what channel the movie will be on so you can quickly find it on your television before it begins.

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