How to Organize Baseball Cards

Organizing baseball cards is easy if you use a little intelligence and innovation.  The key is to know what type of collection you have and how you plan to use it. Some people are dealers and some are simply collectors.  Organization for the two is often quite different.  Here is a step-by -step guide on how to organize baseball cards for both types of baseball card collections:

For Baseball Card Dealers:

Dealers collect cards so that they can resell them.  People will call them up looking for a specific card on a regular basis, so being able to get to any card in the collection quickly is vital.  Here is how to set that up for your collection:

  1. Organize all of your cards by year. This will allow you to go to all of the cards produced in a specific year quickly and efficiently.  It will also set up the collection for easy inclusion into a software program later.
  2. Organize your baseball cards by brand.  This is vital for easier sorting and retrieval.
  3. Organize your baseball cards by number.  Cards all have identifying numbers on the back that make it easier for you to put sets of a specific brand and year together.  Put these cards into numerical order.
  4. Pull out all inserts and special cards as you go. Jersey cards, autographs and various other insert cards that are not part of a particular set should all be sorted into type and year.  
  5. Put your entire collection into a software collecting system. There are many of these found in collector shops. A collecting organizer will make finding the cards you want to sell a breeze.

For Collectors:

Collectors want to have a collection of baseball cards that feature their personal favorites and not necessarily the best-selling cards.  For this reason, it is easier to organize their cards based on what they collect.

  1. Figure out what you want to collect – Some people collect teams, rookie cards, jersey cards, certain years and many other niches.  Figure out the niche you wish to concentrate on and stick to it.
  2. Organize the baseball cards by that niche – Based on the niche you choose, organize the cards accordingly.
  3. Put the collection into a software collecting system – For baseball card collectors, this is still a great way to collect.  It allows you to see what you have and what you want to have at a glance, preventing you from accumulating doubles of cards you already have.
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