How To Organize A Beer Tasting

Figuring how to organize a beer tasting is an easy and entertaining process. Once you learn the art of organizing a beer tasting, you will have a wonderful party idea to offer your friends over and over again.

  1. Decide which beer to purchase. One key way of deciding the best course of acting when picking up your beer is to think about what kind of friends you have. Are they high end world travelers or just over the age of 21 college students? Understanding what type of friends you are inviting will determine the type of alcohol for your beer tasting party. If they are the traveling variety, try a beer produced in a certain country such as a German lager or a Jamaican beer. Younger people will enjoy trying different types of light American beer. Think Coors Light or Bud Light. Change it up depending on what they normally drink. Don't offer a lager to those who prefer a beer with a lighter alcohol content and vise versa. They won't ever drink it again if the drink is too far away from what they normally choose.
  2. Store your beer at a certain temperature. You want your beer to stay cold, especially if you plan to purchase the alcohol before the event. Place it in your refrigerator. Temperatures between 45º and 55º work best.
  3. Gather together cheap buckets for storage purposes. On the day of your beer tasting party, place ice into your different buckets. Organize your selection of beer by placing one variety in one bucket and another selection into a different bucket. Place the buckets around your entertainment area so your guests will mingle and try different beers. Putting beer into the buckets will keep your friends from having to reach into your fridge and potentially breaking something.
  4. Display some snacks. Pick up snack food such as pretzels and crackers because you don't want to serve anything that will overpower your beer. These types of snacks will enhance the beer tasting experience instead of diminishing it.
  5. Discuss the taste with your friends. Get everybody talking about the beer. Note what they like and what doesn't appeal to them. This will give you a general idea of what you should plan for your next beer tasting.
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