How To Organize A Drum Circle

Learning how to organize a drum circle is an easy task as drum circles only take a little bit of time to organize. Once people learn about the drum circle, they will start coming regularly. The trick is to market it in the right locations around town and online. Whether you plan to hold a monthly event or just a one-time drum circle gathering, knowing the best ways to organize a drum circle will ensure a successful meeting.

To organize a drum circle, you will need:

  • A gathering location
  • Fliers
  • An internet connection
  • Firewood (optional)
  • Chairs and benches (optional)
  1. Plan the location. Scout for a location as the first step in organizing your drum circle. Many drum circles hold their meetings outside at people’s houses or known areas in the city. If the people you know do not wish to hold a drum circle at their house, try asking local music businesses. A marketing opportunity exists for businesses that sell drums to gain customers through having the drum circle at their place of business. Be diligent in the search for a business to hold the drum circle, listing the benefits for potential customers. Set a time and date for the drum circle with the property or business owner.
  2. Print fliers. Make simple fliers using a computer program or your own artistic skills. List the date, time, location, directions and a phone number for questions. The fliers do not have to be sophisticated, just make sure the type is large enough to read and holds the needed information for people to get to the drum circle. Be sure to list the entire address so that people can map the location.
  3. Create a meet up online. Use the internet to organize an online group for your drum circle. If you plan to make it a monthly event, you can gain a regular showing through creating a social networking group online. People can find the drum circle meetings easier if you use a social networking site to coordinate dates, times and locations.
  4. Contact magazines and newspapers. Some local magazines and newspapers offer free classifieds for locals. Listing a classified ad for your drum circle can give thousands of readers access to the event. Be sure to list your webpage or event time and location.
  5. Set up the event. When it is time for the drum circle, set up the location. If the site has a fire pit, be sure to get the fire ready for when the drum circle begins. Set up the benches and chairs if needed for the attendees. Depending on the size of the location and the expected amount of people, you may need parking attendants ready to help direct people coming to the event.
  6. Have fun at the drum circle. After organizing the drum circle, you have certainly earned the right to have fun. Set up a few leaders for getting the drummers going on the drums with some rhythms. You may also appoint a facilitator to stand in the circle and lead the drummers.


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