How To Organize An Exotic Car Rally

You've got a Mercedes or two, but how to organize an exotic car rally for yourself might be eluding you. Let's be real, everyone loves a good exotic car rally; everything from BMWs to Ferraris to Hondas to Infinitis get their chance to compete. Legality can often come into play, and so can sponsorships, so let's take a look at everything that comprises an exotic car rally before we begin.

Have these supplies when you organize an exotic car rally:

  • Paper and pencil
  • A car
  • Around $100 in pocket (money to pay for viral advertising)
  • An outgoing personality
  • Friends with exotic cars
  • At least a month's worth of time to plan
  1. Sketch out a track. The stretch for your exotic car rally should be kept simple: around ten cars, only rural roads and at night. Obviously, these rules are for your own safety, and it is best to check with local authorities about road rally rules in specific areas in predesignated times. The start should be at a remote place (so as to avoid attention) while the end of the exotic car rally should be at a meet-up (typically a diner will do).
  2. Don't make it speed related. In fact, that will only attract legal attention you don't want. Organize an exotic car rally around interesting technical specs: who ever gets there while solving clues along the way wins. There are other things you can center  your race around; in fact here's a few suggestions: gas mileage, shortest distance traveled, most checkpoints reached or even fastest time (so long as they don't speed, this can be calculated via online maps).
  3. Advertise! Viral marketing is extremely effective with an exotic car rally. Besides, high profile events cost a ton of dough you probably don't want to invest into the event. Sponsorships (which will be covered in the next section) can curb costs associated with pamphlets, newspaper ads and labor.
  4. Get sponsors, if possible. Granted, your exotic car rally might not be big enough to have the local burger joint pitch in some change, but that doesn't mean they can't give you free patties afterwards! Many small businesses will jump at the opportunity to promote themselves through inexpensive advertising (such as your road rally).
  5. Organize the teams. Each of the ten cars will need two participants: one navigator and another driver. The navigator will ensure that the car is headed in the right direction while the driver will take care of avoiding car troubles, accidents and problems along the way while ensuring automotive efficiency.

Hopefully, you will organize an exotic car rally with the size and scope of which your city has never seen before! The best imports with the highest power are the ones you want, which will attract attention from businesses, professional organizations and independent racers. Good luck, and keep on riding!

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