How To Organize A Golf Bag

Need to know how to organize a golf bag? It will certainly save you time and potential embarrassment on the golf course to have an organized golf bag. Golf balls beneath one zipper, tees in the other, woods and irons in their respective compartments. Here are a few tips on how to organize a golf bag. 

  1. Keep the clubs in order. Store the driver and fairway woods in one part of the golf bag, and the irons in the other. Don't mix them. Have the irons broken into long-irons, mid-irons, and short-irons. Your putter can be wherever you have room and is easily visible. (Some golf bags already have a separate slot to store the putter). 
  2. Know your golf bag. Each golf bag is different. Many are stocked with hidden compartments and ample pockets to store just about anything in. In order to organize a golf bag, you must familiarize yourself with it.
  3. Keep your golf balls, tees, ball marker and ball mark repair tool on the same side of the bag and in the pockets that are the easiest accessible. If you like to ride, you'd preferably want to put these items in the front pockets, which will face the outside of the golf cart. After all, you use these items on every hole, so when organizing a golf bag, make sure you pick the easiest pocket to get to to store these items.
  4. Keep your wallet, wedding ring, jewelry in a separate pocket that that doesn't have to be accessible. You may use a wallet once or twice a round, depending on your stop at the clubhouse at the turn and how often you see the beverage cart girl. The other items you don't need during the round-and are the most valuable-so store them in a pocket somewhere safe.
  5. Stock the largest compartment in the bag with rainy-day items. This could be a club protector for inclement weather, a spare rain jacket, extra socks.
  6. When organizing a golf bag, make sure the umbrella is secured by the straps on the side of the golf bag.
  7. If you have a range finder or a GPS tool that tells you precise yardage on a golf bag, also have sure that is easily accessible when organizing a golf bag. Some golfers even have this item attached on a hook on handle on the outside of a golf bag.
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