How To Organize Music Files

Need to know how to organize music files? Keeping your music organized helps maintain a sense of structure and ease of access. Your computer provides a hierarchical file structure that makes organization of music files by genre, artist or album an easy process.

To organize music files, you will need:

  • Music files
  • A computer
  1. Decide on a structure. Determine how you would like to organize your music files. For example, organizing music files by genre ensures that you can locate files based on your current mood. Alternatively, organizing music files by album ensures that you can locate specific music files quickly.
  2. Determine a location and access method. Decide where you would like to organize your music files. Keeping your music files on your hard drive, while a common method, exposes them to loss due to system issues. Consider keeping your music files, or at least a current backup, on removable storage media, like an external hard drive. In addition, decide if you would like to view your files from their folders or using an access program like Windows Media Player or iTunes.
  3. Create your structure. Create a “Music” folder or use the “My Music” folder in Windows or the “Music” folder on a Mac. Develop the structure you decided to create by creating new folders and placing your music files in each. For example, to create an album structure featuring “Meet the Beatles!” create a "Meet the Beatles!" folder in the “Music” folder. Place the entire album in the “Meet the Beatles!” folder. To organize your music by artist, create folders labeled with artist names.
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