How To Organize Music On Ipod

There are few things more annoying than hearing a forgotten song you love, looking at your iPod's screen, and seeing a song without its title playing, making it that much more important to know how to organize music on an iPod. Luckily, the iPod’s standard software, iTunes, makes it very easy to make your music collection organized, clean, and easy to navigate. Use these methods with iTunes to maximize the program’s organizational power.

  1. Fill in as many ID3 tags as you can. ID3 tags are the core of organizing your iPod’s music collection. They specify the artist, track title, and song name. By right clicking a track in the iTunes track list and pressing get info, you can edit a music file’s information. This process is called tagging.
  2. Shortcuts. When you first look at the mess that is your track list in iTunes, hold down the "ctrl" button on your keyboard while you select songs to tag. This little trick will allow you to select multiple tracks at once to edit. So, for instance, if you have ten songs by one artist whose name is spelled differently, ctrl click all the songs at once and enter the correct artist information. Doing so will save loads of time spent organizing your music.
  3. When starting fresh with iTunes, use your CD’s instead of your iPod. Apple, in their infinite piracy-preventing wisdom, made it so that songs are renamed by your iPod when transferred. So if you manage to transfer the music back to a fresh iTunes on, say, a new computer, there will most likely be dozens of music files misnamed on your iPod. Hunting these down is a huge pain, and it’s usually easier to rip your CD collection, that is, if you’ve managed to avoid torrents up to this point.
  4. Take a day to give each song a rating in iTunes. Not many people do this, but giving every song on your iPod a rating pays off. If you’re having a bad day, you can sort your songs to show good-mood, comfort music first. Most people’s tastes in music tend to change, but you’ll really appreciate having your music organized by rating when sitting on a crowded airplane or stuck in traffic.
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