How To Organize A Picnic Birthday Party

If you have a birthday that falls during the summer months, you may want to know how to organize a picnic birthday party. This will allow you to enjoy time outside, while celebrating your special day.

You will need the following items fo organize a picnic Birthday party:

  • Secured shelter
  • Shelter fee
  • Grill
  • Food
  • Guest list and invitations
  • Decorations
  • Games

Follow these steps to organize a picnic birthday party:

  1. Call your local park to reserve a shelter. You may need to pay for the use of the shelter. If you do, make sure you have the fee ready.
  2. Obtain the use of a grill if one is not provided by the park. The grill should be portable and easy to use.
  3. Make a list of food that you will need for the picnic birthday party. Hamburgers and hot dogs are usually the meal of choice. You may want to organize each family member or friend to bring one side dish, dessert, or drink. Common birthday party picnic foods include potato salad, coleslaw, chips, fruit salad, and macaroni salad. 
  4. Order a birthday cake ahead of time. You can always make one yourself though.
  5. Fill out a guest list. Then send invitations to each guest for the date and time you reserved the shelter. Make sure the invitations go out two to three weeks before the party.
  6. Bring balloons and other birthday decorations with you to the shelter. Attach them to the tables and the shelter itself. The decorations can be standard birthday decorations, or they can represent something the birthday girl or guy loves.
  7. Plan some outdoor games to play at the birthday party. Horseshoes is a great game for children and adults alike. Other outdoor games include soccer, hopscotch, and baseball.


Make sure you clean up all of the decorations, and leave the shelter the way it was when you found it.


Cape May County Park and Zoo: Park Picnic Shelters

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