How To Organize Pictures On Droid

Need to know how to organize the pictures on Droid phone? If you’ve been scouring the help files and manuals then you probably won’t find much. Not to worry, we are going to look at the two most effective ways to organize photos on the Droid. These two methods are to connect the Droid to the computer or to download a free application that will allow you to organize photos directly on the phone. The application we will reference is called “Astro File Manager” and is a free application that can be downloaded on the Droid.

The first method of organizing photos on the Droid is to connect to the computer and use file manager to create folders and organize folders by dragging and dropping or copy/paste methods. If you are already familiar with connecting a Droid to the computer you can skip these instructions.

  1. Make sure the memory card is inserted and the phone is on the home screen.
  2. Connect the micro USB cable to the Droid and the other end to the computer.
  3. In the computers task bar you will see a Droid symbol showing that the connection has been made.
  4. On the home screen of your phone it should have a USB connection dialog. Look for the “USB connected” and touch that. (You may also have to select mount on some models if it comes up.)
  5. On the computer locate the removable disk icon. This is how the Droid’s memory card will be listed.
  6. Click on the removable disk icon and you will then be able to view and organize the photos.

The second method for organizing photos on the Droid is to use a third party tool such as “Astro File Manager”.  Astro is used for a number of tasks on Android phones from copying, backup and even compressing files. It is used for organizing photos and this process can be done when you are not near a computer to connect to. The steps to organize your photos are relatively easy to do.

To create a new directory with Astro:

  1. Click “menu” > “new” > “directory”.
  2. Enter the name for the new directory and click “Create”.
  3. Now you can move photos into the new directory.

To move files or photos follow these simple steps:

  1. Long click on the photo. (Long click means to hold your finger on the photo until a dialog appears.)
  2. In the dialog, select “Edit” > “Copy”.
  3. Navigate to the desired folder and select “edit” > “paste”.

Note:  To select multiple files click on the “multi” button and then perform the move files steps.

Your photo is now saved in the new location.

These are the two most popular methods for organizing photos on a Droid phone. There are other free applications that can be used feel free to try as many as you like till you find one that works best for you.

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