How To Organize Pictures On IPhone

Learn how to organize pictures on your iPhone. Trying to organize pictures on your iPhone could be mind boggling. They cannot seem to be organized manually. Well, only one place could fix that problem and that is iTunes. If you own an iPhone, then you would be working from iTunes a lot to alter the content on your iPhone.

Things you will need:

  • A PC with latest iTunes software
  • iPhone/Apple USB cord
  1. Open iTunes. The first thing you should do is open iTunes. If you have to log onto iTunes, then do so with the username and password that is registered with your iPhone. If you are already signed in, then proceed to step two.
  2. Click on Photos. The items that you have synced to your iPhone will already be in your iTunes library. So click on photos to the left of the iTunes screen. Once you click the 'photos' link, then you should be directed to your pictures. Please note that more pictures could appear in your iTunes library, but only pay attention to the ones with checks to the left of them. Those are the ones that appear on your iPhone if you synced with iTunes before. The pictures should appear in the same order they are on your iPhone.
  3. Begin clicking and dragging photos to their desired position. However order you want your pictures to appear on your iPhone can be reflected in iTunes. Take your time to organize the pictures, because once you sync the pictures the way they are, then you will not be able to manually change them. If you see a mistake afterwards, then you would have to complete these steps again.
  4. Connect your iPhone to your PC. Take the USB cord and insert it into your iPhone and PC. Wait a few seconds for iTunes to detect your device. Then, double check your photo arrangement and ensure that all the pictures you want included are checked to the left of the pictures.
  5. Begin syncing data. Some iTunes users have it where as soon as their device is connected, then iTunes will automatically sync your changes. If not, then click "file" at the top left hand corner of the window. Then, click sync. Everything checked/organized in iTunes should reflect on your iPhone once the sync is complete.



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