How To Organize Pictures In Iphoto

You will be able to quickly show those pictures from your last vacation or that last great party you hosted, if you know how to organize photos in iPhoto. Mac OS X comes pre-loaded with iLife, including the program iPhoto, which is a great way to organize, edit and share your photos.

  1. Open iPhoto and click on the “Photo” icon on the left-hand menu. It is located under the heading of “Library.” This will let you access photos you have already loaded into iPhoto.
  2. Search through your pictures, and click to select those you want to group together. Hold down the Command (or Apple) key to select multiple pictures. Group them how you want to organize your photos, such as date, people, places etc.
  3. Click on the “Events” menu option at the top of your screen. Select “Create Event” at the top of the menu. This will make an Event with all the pictures you have previously selected. Pictures are automatically stored as Events by dates when you download them through iPhoto, but not those added to library or imported in other ways.
  4. Choose “Events” from the left-hand menu, to organize pictures already within an event. You can drag and drop events into one another. Click on the Event listed to see the individual pictures within it.
  5. Right click (or command click) on individual photos within events to relocate them. Select “Cut” to remove the photos and paste it into a new event or copy to share a picture between two events.
  6. Select a photo you want to organize and click on the “Flag” icon at the bottom of iPhoto. You can then go to another event and “Flag” another photo. To create an event from these flagged photos, click on the “Event” menu and then “Create Event.”
  7. Create an album to share on Facebook or Flickr. Select photos within “Events” or within “Flagged,” and click on “File” then “New Album from Selection” to quickly organize photos.


Apple, Inc.: iPhoto

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