How To Organize Pictures On A Wall

Need to know how to organize pictures on a wall? Many people believe that the elements of home décor must match. Home décor should compliment and accent. Pictures placed on a wall can be different sizes, shapes, and in different frames, without looking chaotic or unorganized. To organize pictures on a wall, you organize the space.

To organize pictures on a wall, you will need:

  • Painters tape
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Nails or picture hangers
  1. Choose a wall area large enough for your pictures. Measure a large square or rectangle in either portrait or landscape orientation, and make small marks on the wall with a pencil.

  2. Using the pencil marks as a guideline, create the square or rectangle shape by applying painters tape to the wall. This will serve as a guide for the placement of the pictures.

  3. Hang pictures on the outer edges of your shape first. Use the tape as a guideline for lining up the pictures in the four corners and along the sides. Fill the remaining inner area with pictures placed wherever you like. The pictures hung on the outer edges create the shape of the space giving it an organized and even look regardless of how the pictures are hung in the inner section.


The pictures on the outer edges of the square or rectangle do not have to be the same size or shape. Place pictures on the wall so the edges of the picture frames create the sharp edges of the shape.


You may need to move a nail or picture hanger to adjust the picture creating extra holes in the wall. Keep spackle handy and patch the unused holes as you go.

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