How To Organize Pictures

Getting discouraged about sorting piles of photographs is normal, but learning how to organize pictures is relatively easy. All you need is a large table or desk to put all of your pictures on so you can group them together. Organizing your pictures can be time consuming, so try to select a place where your pictures can be left out over a long period of time without being in the way of other activities you may have going on.

  1. You can organize your pictures according to family members. Each child or adult can have their own grouping. These groupings can be in chronological order from the earliest date to the present or whatever order you wish to organize.
  2. You can also organize pictures so that special events are grouped together. You probably won't want your son's graduation to be mixed up with your niece's.
  3. Photographs of a son or daughter can be put in a separate category. Add graduation or wedding pictures in an appropriate order according to date. You can even decide to add to a son or daughter's photographs by including their children at the end of the collection or by interspersing the children's photographs in the grouping.
  4. Some people like to set up a collection so that it follows a generational or genealogical pattern from grandparents down to the present generation. You can even add wedding announcements and/or birthday cards in appropriate places.
  5. You can even organize pictures so that you create a story or so that certain poses or incidents compliment other pictures in your collection. You can present your pictures in scrapbooks with added designs or flourishes. Acid-free or archival plastic pages held in three-ring binders are a great way to present your organized pictures.
  6. Some people like to create a collage of similar or dissimilar images. Family groupings, special events, nature photographs or random snapshots, when assembled into a collage, can create a powerful image.
  7. Organizing your matted pictures in framed groupings is another option when you are considering how to organize pictures. Always make sure you choose acid-free or archival materials for matting and framing your pictures.
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