How To Organize Plates In Cabinets

Are you ashamed to open your kitchen cabinets because you don't know how to organize plates? Can you open a kitchen cabinet and reach for a plate or bowl without having to move other dishes to get what you need? Consider organizing your cabinets by beginning with plates. Dinner plates take up the most room in kitchen cabinets and getting those organized will create more room for dessert plates, bowls and specialty dishes.

  1. Determine what dishes you need on hand. Do you drink coffee or hot beverages? If not, store coffee cups on a higher shelf so that cabinet space can be used by dishes used most often. The same is true for the little saucers that go with coffee cups. When you decide to organize plates in your cabinet, eliminating items that clutter will help tremendously.
  2. Remove everything out of the kitchen cabinets where you keep your dishes. To organize plates in cabinets, prior to placing plates and dishes back into the cabinets organize them by likeness and size on your kitchen table. After you have all dishes organized, you're ready to place them in their permanent placeholder in the cabinet. Once you have selected the place where you will keep plates, bowls and dishes, it's important to return them to the same place each time you put them away; hence, organization. 
  3. Store most frequently used dishes within easy reach. Large dinner plates and drinking glasses are typically used more than any other dish, so begin by placing these in the cabinet nearest the sink or dishwasher and within reach. Stack dinner plates on top of each other and if space permits, stack bowls in close proximity to dinner plates. Avoid placing different types of dishes on top of each other unless you have limited space.
  4. Store specialty dishes–platters, serving bowls, dessert plates and dessert bowls–overhead or in another cabinet in the kitchen. These are less used and simply take up more space that could be used for plates, bowls and glasses. Once you have organized the plates and dishes in your cabinets, you may be ready to move on to your silverware drawer!


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