How To Overcome Your Fears When Sparring

The only way to fully learn how to overcome your fears when sparring is to face your fears. There is no hidden secret or tip that will easily allow you to overcome your fears when sparring. However, taking certain steps when facing your fears will allow the process to be somewhat simpler. You must face the fear of sparring head-on in order to overcome it.

  1.  How to overcome your fears when sparring by mental preparation. If you plan on participating in the sport of boxing, you must understand sparring is part of that sport. You can’t be afraid to be hit or to hit when sparring. The idea behind sparring is not to hurt one another but to practice. You must remember this while sparring. You absolutely can not be afraid to be hit. Just remember, during a sparring match your opponent is not going to intentionally hurt you.
  2. How to overcome your fears when sparring with the proper safety equipment. If you realize you aren’t likely to get hurt while sparring, you increase your chances of overcoming your fears. This mean wearing the proper sparring equipment. Make sure you have properly fitting head gear, your mouth guard, and jockstrap if you need one. Also, make sure your hands are wrapped properly to prevent hand and wrist injuries.
  3. How to overcome your fears when sparring with practice. When you decide to face your fears when sparring, practice is important. The more you participate in sparring matches, the more comfortable it will become for you. Practice sparring whenever you can to gain a sense of comfort with it.

By taking these three things into consideration when learning how to overcome your fears when sparring, you can make the road to a fear free sparing match easier. It won’t be easy, but with the proper mind set and determination to overcome the fear, you can accomplish it.

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