How To Pack A Bag

Learn how to pack a bag effectively to maximize space and minimize wrinkles. The cost of extra bags on airlines and the hassle of keeping up with them is enough to make you want to pack more efficiently. The important thing is to pack lightly and correctly.

Things you'll need:

  • Appropriate luggage
  • Personal items and toiletries
  • Plastic bags
  1. Choose a good bag. If you are using public transportation, it needs to be tough to withstand the handling. If you need to pack for a long trip, luggage with wheels and a handle may be appropriate. Be sure to use a sturdy bag that can protect your clothes and personal belongings.   
  2. Evaluate the clothes you need to take. If you are going on a casual vacation, you can probably leave the pumps at home. Check the climate you will visit to find out if you need to take a light jacket or something heavier. Choose items that can be mixed and matched. Look at the material of each item and only take things that will not wrinkle easily.
  3. Learn to pack a bag with the rolling method. Partially fold each item of clothing, wiping away any wrinkles, and roll them. For pants, fold them in half lengthwise before rolling. For shirts, fold the arms to the back of the shirt, fold the shirt in half and begin to roll. Start at the bottom of the clothes and roll tightly. Rolling will minimize wrinkles and allow you to pack more clothes into your bag. Fold longer items and place them flat at the top of your bag. These items may include thick blazers or towels.
  4. Place heavier pieces at the bottom of your suitcase. Items such as pants and jackets should go first. Then put in lighter items such as shirts or skirts.
  5. Roll underwear and socks. Place the rolled underwear in the crevices left on the side of the bag. Socks can also be placed at the side of the bag or you can store them in the shoes you will be taking.
  6. Place any toiletries you need in a plastic bag. If you are staying at a hotel, find out if they have an iron, blowdryer or other amenities available for their guests. If possible, pack your toiletries in a separate bag from your clothing. If this is not possible, place them in a side pocket. If you have no other choice, place them in the side of your bag with the clothing, but take extra precaution by double bagging them. 
  7. Align shoes so that the toe of one touches the heal of another. Pack them in a separate bag or in the side pockets. If they must be packed with the clothes, place them in a plastic bag or old shopping bag to protect your clothes from rough edges and dirt. Place the bagged shoes at the side of the suitcase. Do not forget to tuck your socks into the shoes to save space.


  • Pack at the last minute to avoid wrinkles.
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