How To Pack A Blazer

If you are packing for a trip where you need to look casual yet cool, you'll want to learn how to pack a blazer. A blazer is the ultimate fashion choice. It can make an otherwise extremely casual outfit look fashionable and on the formal side. It can also dress down an outfit, allowing someone to go from work to play easily. Its ability to change the look of an outfit makes it a perfect item of clothing to bring on your travels. Here's how to best pack it.

Things you'll need:

  • Wardrobe bag (optional)
  1. Button up your blazer. Do this while it's on the hanger. Packing the hanger along with the blazer is a good idea. In order for that to happen, the blazer should be fully buttoned before it's packed.
  2. Lie down the blazer on a flat, clean surface. You want to be able to pack the blazer without wrinkling it in the process.
  3. Place the blazer in a wardrobe bag, if possible. However, as there are often baggage restrictions and additional fees for extra bags, this is not always a plausible option. It is the ideal one, however.
  4. If you can't use a wardrobe bag, start to fold the blazer. Take the hanger from the top of blazer. Bring the sleeves over the front of the blazer. Flatten and straighten the sleeves, so that there is no room for wrinkles to easily develop.
  5. Roll up the blazer from the bottom up. Think of how a poster is rolled for shipping to avoid crinkles or damage to the poster. The same principle applies here. Rolling it can make for less wrinkles and ease of packing.
  6. Place the rolled up blazer at the top of an otherwise packed suitcase. This ensures that pressure on the folded blazer doesn't add wrinkles and creases. The rolled-up blazer should travel well all the way to your destination. When you arrive, unpack and hang up the blazer.
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