How To Pack A Dress Shirt

If traveling is something that you do on a regular basis, you may wonder, "how to pack a dress shirt?" You are tired of packing your dress shirts any old kind of way only to pull it out and find it full of wrinkles. Knowing how to pack your dress shirt is essential, especially if you can unpack it and can eliminate the process of having to iron it. Packing a dress shirt properly may take a few times to practice, but once you learn, it is fairly easy.

To pack a dress shirt you need:

  • dress shirt
  • suitcase
  • plastic dry cleaners bag
  1. Iron your dress shirt if needed. If you washed your dress shirt at home and it was not dry cleaned, iron it to get rid of all of the wrinkles. If your dress shirt is dry clean already than you can eliminate this step.
  2. Button up your dress shirt. Make sure your shirt is completely buttoned up from top to bottom, including the collar and the sleeves. Your collar needs to be folded down nice and neat as well.
  3. Place your dress shirt on a flat surface so the buttons are facing down. Spread the shirt out as smooth and flat as possible with the arms laid out on the sides. Fold your plastic dry cleaners bags and place in the center the shirt for cushioning.
  4. Fold the dress shirt. Take one side of the shirt and fold it back towards the center. Then fold the arm along the shoulder seam across the back over the shirt. Repeat this step for the other side of the shirt and the arm.
  5. Pack the dress shirt into the suitcase. You don't want your shirt to be folded any wider than the width of the collar. Take the bottom of the shirt and fold it over to fit inside the suitcase. If your dress shirt is not fitting inside of the suitcase properly, then adjust the fold of your shirt until it fits. Flip the shirt over and smooth it out.
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