How To Pack Figure Skating Bags

When learning how to pack a figure skate bag, its hard to know what the essentials are. Having a bag that is bigger than the recreational skate bag is a must when you are a figure skater spending many hours on the rink. A rolling travel bag or the popular Zuca bags are perfect size to be able to pack a figure skate bag the proper way. Here is a breakdown of the most efficient way to pack a figure skate bag.

  1. Packing up the skates in your figure skating bag. When packing a figure skate bag, the figure skates, along with the soakers, guards, and all figure skate related items show sit in the main compartment of the figure skating bag. The skates take up the most room in your bag.
  2. Putting accessories in your figure skating bag. Learn how to pack your skating bag properly by keeping all your accessories together and placing them in the lower compartment or even nicer the zip up mesh pocket of your bag. The mesh pocket allow you to see your items for a quick grab.
  3. Packing up the extras your figure skating bag. Extra stake pants, skate tights and gloves should always be packed in your figure skating bag. These should go into the bottom of your main compartment underneath your skates or in another compartment of your figure skating bag.  
  4. Packing the rink essentials in your figure skating bag . Packing your skate bag with rink needs like skating cards, tissues, music and a water bottle can be put in the outside zipper compartment of your figure skating bag. This way you can find them on your way out to the rink without having to go into the inner compartments of your bag.
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