How To Pack A Motorcycle

When traveling distances, touring, or camping while on a motorcycle, you must learn how to pack a motorcycle to get the most out of the little space available. Packing only what you need is essential to enjoying a long distance ride across your state or the country.

  1. List the essential items that are needed for the trip. A tent, camping gear, cell phone, maps, clothing and personal items are just a few things that should be on the list.  Depending on your traveling itinerary, eye drops and a short metal cable to secure your jacket and helmet to the bike helmet lock may be considered essentials as well.
  2. Purchase a motorcycle saddle bag unit. The majority of the items you need to pack will be placed in the motorcycle saddle bags. You should be able to fit a small pre-packaged tent and the camping gear in one side, and your personal items in the other. Place the items in trash compactor bags to provide a waterproof barrier inside the saddle bags.
  3. Balance the load. Long distance rides are enjoyable and adventuresome. However, riding with an unbalanced load can be hazardous for even the most experienced riders. While it may be preferred to pack a motorcycle with similar items together, you may need to shift items from one side to the other to balance the weight on both sides of the bike.
  4. Purchase a tank bag. These bags secure on the top of the motorcycle behind the seat. A tank bag usually has a clear map pocket, an external case for sunglasses, and a top flap organizer. The tank bag combined with the saddle bags should create enough packing space for two people to pack their essential items for a one or two week road trip.
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