How To Pack A Parachute

In the years past, so many skydivers of various kinds have made some beautiful statements on how to pack a parachute. Some of these statements, though, are myths that have been passed down to so many generations of skydivers that they now seem to be facts.

Skydiving is one of the popular sporting activities in the world today. Skydiving tests your courage and the reliability of whoever that packed your parachute. As a skydiver or mountain climber, you need to learn how to pack a parachute. Skydiving is synonymous with parachute. Packing a parachute is not such a rigorous task but can be challenging if it does not receive proper attention to details. There are several methods of packing a parachute. These are: stack or side method of packing, pro packing, roll packing, and trash method of packing.

A parachute can be packed following these processes and to do this, you will need the following:

  • The parachute
  • Pins (comes with the parachute pack)
  1. The first thing to do in learning how to pack a parachute is to pick the lines of the parachute as you walk towards it ensuring that the parachute is not dragged towards you. Gather the parachute together to a safe place and spread it out walking away from it backwardly. Ensure that the parachute and the lines are as straight as possible.
  2. Carefully check all the lines ensuring there are no tangles and snags, and that they are straight and not touching each other. Then put the static line into a hole on top of the parachute.
  3. After putting the static line into the hole, carefully fold the parachute from bottom up ensuring that the hole from where the static line originates is on top. Make sure that the static line is loose and leave the end outside of the wrapping of the static line. Before closing the final flap over the top of the parachute pack, wrap the static line freely around the metal loop on top of the chute pack. This will ensure that the chute pack pops open when the static line is pulled.
  4. The last thing to do in learning how to pack a parachute is to close the chute pack with the pin that is already attached to the static line. Make sure that there is a little slack upwards from the pin.
  5. Finally, pass the pin through the hole on top of the pack and then close it. This holds the wings in place ensuring that the chute remains in the pack until the line is pulled. In learning how to pack a parachute, there is no best method though they all have the same fundamental principles with each having its own peculiar advantages and disadvantages. Carefully follow these steps to ensure a safe landing in your skydiving endeavors.
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