How To Pack A Perfect Beer Cooler

If there were such a thing as a man's guidebook, it would include a chapter on how to pack a perfect beer cooler.  What guy doesn't want to master the art of packing a cooler?  It's something that you just NEED to know.  Whether you're heading out to the beach, the big game, or just chilling in your own backyard, use these tips to learn how to pack a perfect beer cooler.

How to pack a perfect beer cooler:

  • Pre-chill the beer.  Your beer will stay colder if it's been chilled ahead of time.  Pre-chilled beer will also help the ice last longer, thus keeping your beer chilled longer.  Your first tip in learning how to pack a perfect beer cooler is: use cold beer!
  • Layer the bottom.  Before you start packing the cooler, layer the bottom of it with ice.  Add just enough ice to completely cover the bottom, which will help keep your beer ice cold. 
  • Stack the beer.  Here's where a lot of people go wrong when learning how to pack a perfect beer cooler.  A lot of guys will just toss in the beer haphazardly, not taking the time to properly stack it.  That's a complete waste of space and not smart at all.  Instead, take the time to neatly place the beer, mouth side up, into the cooler.  Make one layer, then add ice.  Make another layer, then add more ice.  Continue until the cooler is full and then top with more ice.
  • Separate the brands.  If there is more than one type of beer in your cooler, before you stack the beer you'll have to separate it.  For example, if you have light and regular beer, place the light beer in one half of the cooler and regular in the other half.  This will prevent people from having to dig through the cooler in search for the type of beer they want.

Now you know how to pack a perfect beer cooler!  It really doesn't take that long to do, but it's worth the extra time it takes.  Beer stays cooler, ice lasts longer, which will make you the "Beer King" among all your friends.

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