How To Pack Shoes

If you're working on how to pack shoes most effectively, look no further. Here are some tips for taking along one of the most essential necessities a traveler will need. You need comfortable shoes for all the different dress styles of the trip.

These are the items you will need to pack shoes effectively:

  • shoe bags or old, clean socks
  • tissues
  • solid air freshener
  1. Pack shoes in a separate bag. A shoe bag is ideal. If you have an old, large pair of socks that don't matter much to you, try to pack shoes in these so they'll be protected. If you are afraid of lint or material from the socks sticking to your shoes, though, be sure to encase them in a small, disposable plastic bag first. If you don't have that, opt for a small, canvas bag. You want to pack shoes apart from your clothes, toiletries and other packed items.
  2. Stuff your shoes with tissues if you're afraid that they may lose shape when being stuffed in a bag. You want to make sure that the material and the shape of your shoes are protected. This can be especially important with more expensive or delicate shoes.
  3. Consider sticking an air freshener in with your shoes, especially if they are older. You don't want to unpack a suitcase to be met with a nasty smell. You also don't want the smell to be on other items. While you shouldn't generally be pack shoes that are smelly, if you're concerned about it, toss in a solid air freshener.
  4. Pack shoes on top of any hard or heavy items. Shoes should generally even be placed on top (or in between) clothes. You don't want your shoes getting crushed or ruined from heavier items. Also, try to keep them in the small bag that you carry on the plane, to avoid rough handling and upside down placement of your larger suitcases.
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