How To Pack Skis And Boots

Do you want to know how to pack skis and boots? Even thought it might be quite annoying, travelling with your own ski gear has some advantages over rentals. One is, as soon as you get to the mountain, you´re ready to go, and safe from long lines and crowded ski shops. But the most important is that you ski with the gear you like and the boots that fit your feet perfectly. Here´s how to pack your skis and boots for a safe travel.

What you need to pack skis and boots:

  • A ski bag.
  • A boots bag.
  • Duct tape or Velcro straps.
  • A pair of old thick socks.
  • Rubber bands.
  • Safety straps or locks for the zippers.

Steps to pack skis and boots:

  1. Open the ski bag zipper thoroughly. Get rid of any dust that might be inside.
  2. Tie both skis together using Velcro straps or duct tape, base with base, with the bindings to the outside. If you use tape, the binding is going to be firmer, but there´s the risk of glue sticking to the skis. Make sure you remove the tape as soon as you get to your destination.
  3. Put a sock in each end of the skis, tying them with rubber bands. This will protect the ski´s tips from getting chipped along the way.
  4. Put the tied skis into the ski bag. If there´s a lot of empty space, fill it with clothes to avoid excessive movement that might tear the bag´s fabric. Consider that the sharp edges of the skis may cut the fabric of whatever you use to fill the space, so don´t use your best jacket for this purpose.
  5. To one side of the skis, place the poles also tied together. If they don´t fit this way, you can also untie them and place them one to each side of the skis.
  6. Close the bag´s zipper. If the zipper has two sliders, make them sit at either the top or bottom of the ski bag, and bind them with a strap or lock.
  7. If the ski bag is longer than the skis, bend the excess and tie it to the main body of the bag using tape or it´s own straps.
  8. Close all the boot´s straps tightly. This way the boots are going to be less bulky thus less likely to tear the bag´s fabric.
  9. Fill the inside of the boots with socks and other minor pieces of equipment. The boots can provide a safe environment for fragile items like glasses, goggles and electronic devices.
  10. Place the boots inside the boot bag. Some boot bags are designed to fit the boots side by side and have an L shape, but most of them are intended to fit both boots facing each other in a square configuration. Make sure you use all the available space in the bag, but do not overload it.
  11. Close the boot bag´s zipper and tie it using a strap or a lock.

Airlines charge a separate fee for your ski gear. Make sure you read the rules that apply to the flight you´re catching. Be careful not to overload the bags, as usually they have a lot of space left, but the rule clearly states that each bag can contain one pair of skis and boots. Don´t stuff your bags too much, and have fun!

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