How To Pack A Suit

Learning how to pack a suit will help you avoid embarrassing wrinkles or damage to your suit when traveling. Properly packing a suit is essential for businessmen or individuals who travel a lot. Packing a suit in the same fashion as you would pack regular clothes is not generally a good idea. Learning how to pack a suit is fairly simple and will save you a lot of time and trouble when traveling with a suit. Packing a suit is a simple matter of folding the suit in the proper manner to prevent excessive wrinkles during the voyage in your suitcase.

  1. Prepare the suitcase. Prepare the suitcase before you pack the suit. Fill the suitcase to about 85 percent capacity with other clothing items such as socks, shorts and pants. Arrange the other clothing items so that there is flat area in which you can pack a suit on top of them.
  2. Prepare the suit. Lay the suit into the suitcase on top of the other clothing items. Keep the collar a little over an inch away from the zipper of the suitcase top to prevent unnecessary pressure or damage to the suit. Fold the arms over the front of the suit and lay them on the suit.
  3. Pack the suit pants. Pack the pants of the suit over top of the suit jacket. Place the waist line of the suit against one end of the suit jacket and folder the legs of the pants over the other end of the suit jacket. Fold the bottom of the suit jacket over the legs of the suit pants slightly. Fold the pant legs towards the waist line of the pants in a fashion in which they are over top of the suit jacket.
  4. Close the suitcase. Gently close the suitcase ensuring that the jacket and pants to a suit are not too close to the zipper. Avoid leaving a suit inside of a suit case for long period of time. Pack a suit at the very last moment to avoid leaving it in a suitcase for a long period of time.


  • If possible, avoid placing heavy bags on top of a suitcase which contains a suit.
  • When flying, you should choose a sturdy suitcase to pack a suit into.
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