How To Pack A Suitcase For 5 Days

Knowing how to pack a suitcase for 5 days will help all of your trips be more hassle-free. Most people pack so many things into one suitcase, and most of it is stuff that you don't really need.  Once you know the essentials of packing, travel can be done with little notice, and unpacking when you're at your destination becomes easier since you don't have to dig through needless stuff to get to what's important. Travel itself also becomes easier because you're not lugging around excess pounds on your trip.  Here are the essentials to pack a suitcase for five days.

  1. Toiletries  Invest in a small and streamlined toiletry bag. In it, you'll put in deodorant, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a hair brush, a razor, a travel sized container of shampoo and conditioner, and a nail cutter. A few extra things can be added depending on your needs, such as contacts, makeup, or glasses.
  2. Clothes You'll need a at least five pairs of outer clothes, but pack a few extra just in case you need a wardrobe change or encounter cold weather.  Plan out exactly how many changes you'll need in order to pack the minimum amount, but be sure to pack an extra just in case something comes up. Clothes will probably take the most space in your luggage, so making sure you know how many and what kind of clothes you need is essential to knowing how to pack a suitcase for five days.
  3. Underwear and socks Underwear and socks are a must to pack a suitcase for five days because you have to change them every day. Luckily, they do not take up too much space, and can often be stuffed into shoes or other crevices of your suitcase.
  4. Foot gear Shoes will often take a lot of space in your luggage, so planning what shoes to bring is important in knowing how to pack a suitcase for five days.  If your travel is mainly for leisure, you may only need to bring one pair of shoes. If you will be spending time at a beach, you might want to bring a pair of sandals and a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Similarly, if you will be working or attending a formal event, you will need an additional pair of dress shoes.
  5. Entertainment  Travel often involves some sort of down time, whether it be waiting on a delayed flight or taking a bus, so it is often wise to bring some form of entertainment to pass the time. This could be as simple as a newspaper or book, or as fancy as a personal game system or a laptop computer.
  6. Odds and Ends Your travel needs are unique, and you may need specific gear when you pack a suitcase for five days of travel. This gear could be mosquito nets for camping, diving masks for snorkeling, or an extra towel for the beach. In any case, planning to make sure you have these additional items will insure that your trip is exciting and hassle-free.
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