How To Pack Suitcase To Weigh Less

Here are some instructions on how to pack suitcase to weigh less. If you are an over packer and often have to check in several heavy bags when you travel, here are some easy tips on how to quickly pack your suitcase to weigh less and save you the extra time and stress.

  1. Roll rather than fold. Roll your socks, underwear, pants and shirts tightly. This will also prevent wrinkles. Put them in clear zippered bags. This makes it easier to be inspected by TSA or customs. It will also make it easier for you to see what you have without opening it up, and your suitcase will weigh less when it is checked in or placed in a vehicle.
  2. Bundle up shampoos, soap and other toiletries. Make sure the lids are on tight and they are in a waterproof package or container. If it is a short trip, buy travel size bottles instead. They will fit in one clear zippered bag and your suitcase will definitely weigh less.
  3. Lay things out lengthwise to save room. Fold suits, pants and dress shirts and lay lengthwise. Place a dryer sheet between them to prevent wrinkles.
  4. Use things with spaces (like shoes) to fit other stuff inside. Pack breakable things inside soft belongings like sweaters. This will not only make your suitcase weigh less, but it will free up more space.
  5. If most things can be bought along the way, then you should leave plenty of space for purchases you may want to make along the way. If you can purchase it when you arrive, then that will be more convenient.  Don't take anything you don't mind losing.

Remember that checked suitcases can only be around 62 inches in overall dimensions (length, width, height) and weigh 50 pounds tops. This is fairly standard U. S. regulations. Check your airline to be sure. If you are flying an international airline, check their regulations because sometimes their weight limits are less.

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