How To Pack A Surfboard For Flying

Surfing and traveling go hand in hand, and most surfers are ready to start exploring shortly after perfecting their first top turn, so knowing how to pack a surfboard for flying is a crucial skill for every surfer. The key to packing a surfboard for flying is protecting the boards. There is nothing worse than arriving at a surf destination with a new gaping ding or broken stick. The following tips will teach you how to efficiently and safely pack a surfboard for flying.

  1. The bag: Buying a good board bag is the single most important aspect of packing a surfboard for flying, and it is important not to skimp on this item. Always buy a bag with plenty of padding that is specifically designed for air travel. You want the bag to be a few inches longer than the biggest board you plan on traveling with. You should also try to estimate how many boards you plan on bringing. Large coffin bags can often accommodate up to five or six boards, but many surfers only travel with one or two. It is often possible to squeeze in one board more than the bag’s stated capacity.
  2. Fins: Remove the fins (if you have a system) before packing your boards. Wrap the fins in bubble wrap, a T-shirt, or some sort of protective covering.
  3. Cardboard: Use packaging tape to tape cardboard to the nose, tail, and rail. Cardboard will protect the board from dings and gauges.
  4. Bubble wrap: Wrap all the boards in bubble wrap. Aside from a good board bag, bubble wrap is the best way to protect your board when packing a surfboard for flying.
  5. Clothes: Many surfers use their board bag as a suitcase. Clothing can also provide extra protection against dings. Packing your clothes in your board bag is one of the most efficient and easy way to pack a surfboard for flying.
  6. Wax: Keep wax in a ziplock bag in a separate compartment. You don’t want wax melting all over your clothes.
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