How To Pack For Your New England Trip

If you're headed to the north-east part of the US, you probably want to know how to pack for your New England trip. Packing for a New England trip is different than packing for trips to other locations. Here are some tips that should help you:

  1. Pack a sweater. In general, the farther north you go, the colder it gets. New England has some beautiful weather, but even in the summer, nights are known to get a bit cool. Especially if you are near the coast.
  2. Bring a swimsuit (if you like cold water). New England offers surprisingly beautiful beaches and gorgeously clear water in many places, so when you're packing for a summer trip, you'll want to bring a swimsuit. Keep in mind that even in the middle of August ocean and lake water can get pretty cold. So bring plenty of towels and warm clothing.
  3. Pack a jacket and boots. If you're traveling in the winter, include some cold-weather gear when you're packing for your New England trip: the region can get some fierce winter weather. A jacket is a must, and boots are much better for walking in snow than sneakers.
  4. Don't forget some old shoes and clothes. Parts of New England have a unique season that comes between winter and spring: Mud Season. It's exactly what it sounds like, so come prepared. Include clothes you don't mind destroying on your packing list.
  5. Get some gear. Vacations in this region are full of opportunities to participate in fun outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, tubing, hiking, and canoeing. You can rent a lot of the gear you need, but having your own hiking boots or snowboarding goggles can make your trip even more satisfying. Bonus tip: they don't call the East Coast the "Ice Coast" for nothing. Consider including some personal padding while you pack for your New England trip if you're participating in winter sports.
  6. Bring protection. During the summer months, New England is host to a massive plague of biting bugs. Mosquitoes, midges, blackflies and horseflies are just waiting to make you their personal snack. Make sure to pack some heavy-duty insect repellent because these bugs are tough. In addition, although this region isn't as warm as some locales, sun damage can still be a problem. Don't forget to include sunscreen when packing for your New England trip.
  7. Be prepared. Much of New England is rural. Some places, such as northern Maine, don't have very good cell phone coverage. If you're leaving civilization far behind, make sure you have all the supplies you need in case your car breaks down and you can't call for help.
  8. A camera is key. Whether you're packing for a New England trip in March, May, or December, you'll get to witness natural beauty all around you. From spring blossoms to fall leaves to winter ice storms, there will be no shortage of photographic subject matter.

Tip: Although parts of New England are rural, most areas still offer a host of modern amenities. Don't worry too much about leaving something behind when packing for your New England trip.

Warning: If you plan to head north of the border at any time during your New England trip, don't forget your passport!

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