How To Package Stereo Speakers For Shipping

Want to know how to package stereo speakers for shipping? Here are a few easy tips to get your package on its way safely and in one piece. This process is easy and requires just a few minutes of your time. Read on for details.


  • Specialty or Shipping box
  • Anti static packing bubbles
  • Foam popcorn or peanuts
  • Packing tape
  • Twist ties
  • Sandwich or plastic bags
  • Marker


  1. Use twist ties to secure stereo speaker wires so that they do not unravel or tangle during shipping. If the wires detach, place them in sandwich or plastic bags. Tape them to each stereo speaker. If the wire connections seem difficult, write down a detailed step by step guide on how you dismantled the stereo speakers, so re-assembly can be a breeze.
  2. Use anti static packing bubbles, foam popcorn or peanuts and place a generous amount on the bottom of the box. Place the stereo speakers at the bottom of the package, then fill the gaps with more packing bubbles of your choice. This will protect your stereo speakers during the shipping process.
  3. Place the smaller equipment on top, and continue to fill the spaces with more packing bubbles or popcorn. When all the holes are filled, nothing should shift or rattle around in the box after you packed it.
  4. Once stereo speakers are securely packaged for shipping, tape up the shipping box, and mark it as fragile. Indicate which end is up.
  5. Get insurance on the value of the stereo speakers, delivery confirmation or signature confirmation on your package if you would like to ensure proof of delivery. This will also give you a piece of mind.
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