How To Paddle A Two Person Kayak

Learning how to paddle a two person kayak is a fun process. These crafts can be a blast for two people at a time, but both participants must know how to work them. Following is advice on learning how to paddle a two person kayak.

  1. First, make sure that you have a quality two person kayak. Take it out on the water nearby (any pond or lake) by yourself, and see that it is easy to use and in top condition.
  2. Then, find another person to go kayaking with. Go to a lake, or a slow river to begin learning how to paddle this type of boat. Push off from shore, and both kayakers should then get in. One person will sit closer to the back, and the other, closer to the middle of the kayak's length.
  3. To kayak this way, you will need to find a rhythm. It is key that one paddler does not get ahead of the other. Both you and your kayaking partner should practice this. The person in the back should watch the front person's motion, and mimic it; When the front person paddles on the right side, the back person should try to do the same, and he or she should also try to switch to the left side at the same time. Try to get in a rhythm where each kayaker paddles at the same pace.
  4. When steering of the craft is necessary, the back person should tend to the boat's direction; paddle on whichever side is necessary for the kayak's turning, and then get back in rhythm by matching the front kayaker's motion. Although this sounds like a lot, it is fairly simple. All that both people have to do when paddling a two person kayak is work together, and each can have great fun, and later, after some experience has been gained, you can try rougher waters.

Learning how to paddle a two person kayak is fairly easy. With a little practice, both participants can have a great time.

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