How To Paint A Basketball Backboard

Knowing how to paint a basketball backboard can save you a ton of money by letting you turn any plywood, fiberglass, or sheet metal that you have laying around into a usable, attractive backboard.  Plus, painting your own backboard gives the chance to customize it with the logo of your favorite team, crazy color schemes, or anything else you want to adorn your court.  You'll end up with a truly one-of-a-kind creation that will get all the ballers from the neighborhood stopping by to check it out.  The details are up to you, but here are the basic steps to paint a basketball backboard.

In order to paint a basketball backboard, you will need:

  • A large sheet of plywood, fiberglass, or other sturdy material
  • Outdoor paint
  • A paint brush
  • Painter's tape
  1. Prepare your material to be painted.  Before you can learn how to paint a basketball backboard, you have to make sure the material you're using is ready to be painted.  If it isn't cut to a proper size (48"x36" is usually suitable for home use), do so.  Also, make sure you sand off any old paint or other substances that might be stuck on the backboard.
  2. Paint the base color of the backboard.  Before you can add details, you've got to paint the base coat of the backboard.  So, using outdoor paint and a durable brush, cover the whole backboard in a solid color of your choosing.  Make sure you're using a paint that is recommended for the material you have chosen to construct your backboard from.
  3. Mark off a spot for the rim.  Take the rim you plan on using and hold it against the backboard.  Make sure it's perfectly centered (don't just eyeball it!) and flush against the backboard.  Trace around the edge of the rim. 
  4. Tape off areas for the outline and the aiming square.  Regardless of how you are going to paint your basketball backboard, you will probably want to have a stripe along the outer edge of the board and a section painted for the aiming square.  In case you're wondering, a standard aiming square is 18"x24".  Usually, the line is 2" thick.  If you're using a small backboard, though, you can adjust those measurements.
  5. Paint the taped off details.  Using a color that sticks out against your base coat, paint the areas you just taped off.  Remember to take your time: no one will be impressed by a backboard that looks like it was painted by a four year old.  Don't remove the painter's tape until these lines have dried completely.
  6. Add any details or logos you would like.  Now that you've got the necessities painted, add anything else you can imagine.  It's always a good idea to sketch your ideas on with pencil before using paint, though.  Also remember that you don't want a design that is so distracting it messes up your shooting.

That's all it takes to paint a basketball backboard.  So, get to work and get out on the court.  Even if your skills won't get you in the NBA, your style will. 

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