How To Paint A BMX Bike Frame

Learning how to paint a BMX bike frame is not very difficult. Only a few materials are required to do so and the process does not take very long. When it is done, you can have a fully customized bike to use for your tricks or for riding. Below is some information on how to paint a BMX bike frame.

Materials you'll need to paint a BMX bike frame:

  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Sandpaper (coarse and fine)
  • Paint brush
  • Masking tape
  1. Buy all of the necessary supplies from any home improvement store. The coarse sandpaper will be needed to remove the old paint if the frame had any.
  2. Using course sandpaper, remove all of the old paint on the bike frame. Apply a primer to the frame.
  3. Paint the bike. If you wish to use multiple colors, use masking tape to separate areas of designated colors.
  4. Using fine sandpaper, after the first coat has been painted and allowed to dry, sand the frame down for a couple of minutes. This will remove any imperfections or lumps but will not remove the paint itself. Do this lightly and do not focus on any areas for too long, as this can start to take off the paint.
  5. Apply a few more coats of paint, lightly sanding any lumps with sandpaper after each coat has dried. Once your bike has had three or four fresh coats, you may be ride your bike after it dries. Decals or stickers may also be added to the bike frame after this step.

Learning how to paint a BMX bike frame is fairly easy. The project requires only a few supplies and should not take very long. Once done, you can have a lot of fun riding your newly painted bike.

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