How To Paint Converse Sneakers

Knowing how to paint converse sneakers is much like painting any canvas shoe. The canvas is a very porous material that will accept paint well. It is best to find an old pair of Converse sneakers to paint. These shoes can be picked up yard sales or thrift stores for a reasonable price. If you purchase to Converse shoes second-hand, throw the Converse sneakers in the washer with a bit of detergent. They can be hung in the sun to dry. If you buy a new pair of Converse sneakers, there is no reason to wash them before you paint.

  • pencil
  • Paint markers
  1. Remove the shoe laces. Take the shoe laces out of the Converse sneakers before you paint. This will give you easy access to paint the tongues of the Converse sneakers.
  2. Design the sneakers. Using the pencil, draw the design on the shoes very lightly. It is difficult to erase on canvas so draw carefully and lightly in case you mess up.
  3. Paint the Converse sneakers. When you go to paint Converse sneakers use paint markers. These markers will give you the most control. Follow the lines that you previously marked in pencil. Color in any large areas and outline any areas that need more detail.
  4. Allow the Converse sneakers to dry. If the weather is nice place the converse sneakers outside to dry. Follow the instructions on the paint markers for drying times.
  5. Place the laces back in. When the Converse sneakers are completely dry re-lace the shoes.

When you paint Converse sneakers you can have a completely original pair of shoes. No one else will have the exact same pair of Converse sneakers. You can get design ideas from looking on the Internet, in comic books or from a favorite outfit. If you do not feel you are a good enough artist to paint Converse sneakers, then write on them. A short quote or poem would look cool running along the top of a pair of Converse sneakers. However you choose to paint Converse sneakers, they will be uniquely yours.

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