How To Paint An Electric Guitar

Learning how to paint an electric guitar is beneficial for anyone that is low on funds or wants a unique paint job. The rewards of doing it yourself are that you can have an original finish and that you have accomplished a job that others can not do. Painting an electric guitar is a timely project, but the hours are worth it when others notice your sweet paint finish.

To paint an electric guitar, you will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Sandpaper of different grit types
  • Water
  • Lacquer primer spray
  • Spray lacquer (color your choice)
  • Clear spray lacquer
  • Soft cloth
  1. The first step to paint an electric guitar is to disassemble everything but the guitar body. Detach all electrical and metal components including strings, scratch plate and all wires. This crucial step should not be completed in a hurry or you may damage important pieces.
  2. Sanding off the old finish will take time to complete, but is necessary to complete a how to paint an electric guitar task. Start with coarse grit sandpaper then eventually use finer grit paper. The roughest paper will take off most of the original color while the smoother sandpaper is for resistant spots.
  3. Oils from your hands need to be removed from the guitar body, before it can ruin your new finish. Take a low grit sandpaper and wet it, then run it over the guitar to ensure success in how to paint an electric guitar.
  4. Applying a spray primer will help the new color affix well and create an awesome shine. Succeeding in painting an electric guitar includes adding two to three coats of primer. After each coat, sand the primer down slightly to remove any rough or unleveled areas.
  5. Use a spray lacquer in your color of choice to create a great finish as you learn how to paint an electric guitar. Apply the color evenly and expect to complete three to four coats. The clear lacquer should be used after the previous layer has fully dried.
  6. The last step in learning how to paint an electric guitar is to polish the guitar body with a soft cloth before re-assembling the guitar. The reconstruction will take time, but the painting of an electric guitar is over. Good Luck!


  • For inexperienced painters, use newspaper to mask off all openings in guitar body.
  • Spray in an open area.
  • Let lacquer coats dry completely before sanding or polishing.
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