How To Paint Eyes

Painting is hard enough, but can you focus on a model hard enough and figure out how to paint eyes? Painting is a very old and classic art form that has its roots in the days of early human expressionism. Many great artists paint eyes with expertise, and these problematic areas can often prove daunting for the novice painter. Yet, when you learn how to paint eyes, this hard area will seem easier with practice.

To paint eyes you will need:

  • Paintbrush
  • A model (friend or family member)
  • A canvas
  • Canvas stand
  1. Sketch out the subject matter. Of course, prior to painting, an accurate sketch is essential. You paint eyes with diligence, and above all that means a rough draft of the head, nose, lip, and nearly full subject matter is required.
  2. Paint your flesh color. When you paint eyes you will be looking at a main area of the subject. Find the appropriate color on your palette and get to work! The entire area should be preliminarily painted with the skin's color.
  3. Paint the white of your subject's eyes. Granted, the white of the eyes isn't really white, so go with something more light grayish in tone. These should be almond-shaped and nearly parallel so as to ensure accurate representation.
  4. Paint the irises. This is the most difficult and complex part when it comes to painting eyes. The way you are supposed to paint eyes is by filling the pupils full-bodied black in color, surrounded by whichever color iris your subject has. It's hard to paint eyes in the first place, but be especially watchful here so as not to mess up. Sparkles are encouraged to simulate the effects of actual lighting.
  5. Paint those eye-lids. Last but not least, it's time to seal up those white almonds with some eye-lids. This is the final step to paint eyes; however, it is very crucial so as to put depth into them. If anything, depth will seem very three dimensional and less canvas-like in the end. A smaller brush can be utilized to paint lashes on top of the eyes as well.

Good job, you now know how to paint eyes with accuracy and precision! It is important to divide this project up into the above five facets to encourage not only detailing but also organization. Hopefully you will take home this knowledge of how to paint eyes and spread the words to your artistic friends! Good luck.



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