How To Paint Furniture

Painting a piece of furniture is a great way to update a particular piece, but many people do not know how to paint furniture properly. Most people will paint a piece of furniture without doing any preparation, only to be disappointed when their paint job does not last. So follow these steps to ensure that you only have to paint your piece of furniture once.

  1. Place the piece of furniture on a painter’s tarp or on several layers of newspaper. No matter how careful a person is, paint is going to drip. So protect the ground underneath your furniture before you start painting.
  2. Cover or remove any hardware that you do not wanted painted. If hardware covered in paint is not your desire, then do not skip this step. Even the most detail oriented person will make mistakes while painting. So remove this mistake waiting to happen.
  3. Remove any existing paint that is chipping. If the piece is already painted, be sure you remove any chipping paint using a paint scrapper. Lightly scrape off the paint, being careful not to dent the wood. This removal process can be time consuming, but it is necessary to prevent any future chipping.
  4. Lightly sand the piece of furniture with 120 grit sandpaper. Once all chipping paint has been removed, lightly rough up the furniture’s surface with sandpaper. A slightly rough surface will help your paint and primer stick to the furniture. So if you want a good bond, be sure to sand before you prime.
  5. Apply an oil-based primer with a brush or roller. Primer helps to bond your paint to the furniture, so by simply applying one coat of primer you will extend the life of the finish. Just be sure to apply a light coat to reduce drying time and prevent dripping.
  6. Let the primer fully dry before moving on to painting. Primer needs time to dry completely before it is painted over. If you rush the process, you risk the primer not fully bonding and that could ruin the paint job.
  7. Apply two to three coats of latex paint in the color of your choice, letting the paint dry between coats. Each coat should be light to help reduce the visibility of brush strokes and dripping. If the coats of paint are too heavy, it will take much longer to dry and will risk chipping in the long run.
  8. Once the coats of paint have fully dried, apply a coat of polyurethane. Now that you have done a great paint job, be sure to protect it. By apply a coat of polyurethane, you will be sealing and protecting your furniture. So if you want your finish to easily withstand heavy usage, be sure you take the time to put on this last coat.
  9. Let the furniture set 24 hours before replacing the hardware and putting the furniture to use. Giving your paint job a full day to cure will ensure the finish has had time to set before it is put into use. Once that day has passed, all you have to do is replace the hardware and enjoy your furniture. You now know how to paint furniture so it lasts for years to come.
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