How To Paint Grass

If your front lawn is looking dull, brown and full of holes, why not learn how to paint grass green and give your front yard an immaculate makeover in minutes? Far cheaper than re-seeding or replacing a dying lawn with lawn carpets, painting grass with non-toxic green dye offers a quick alternative that businesses and homeowners are opting for more and more these days. Whether you are selling your home and need a quick lawn fixer or wish your grass to be the greenest in the neighborhood, here’s everything you need to know about painting grass.

To paint grass, you will need:

  • Green lawn dye
  • Water
  • A lawn sprayer
  1. Measure your yard. To paint the grass in your yard, you’ll first need to know the size of the lawn. Walk around the lawn toe to heel and count your steps. Each foot step is roughly equivalent to one foot in distance. Multiply the width and length measurements of your yard to arrive at the area, in square feet, for which you will need to buy grass paint.
  2. Buy green lawn dye. There are numerous lawn paint products on the market, which you can find online or at home improvement stores. There is no need to fear for the environment or your kids and pets when you paint grass. Lawn dye is safe for plants, humans and animals. Choose the shade of green that you find most appealing, and buy a quantity sufficient to cover the square footage of your whole yard. If you plan to paint your grass again after future mowings, buy additional lawn dye.
  3. Dilute the green dye with water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for diluting the green lawn dye with a sufficient amount of water. Create the lawn paint mix inside your lawn sprayer container. Be sure to mix the solution well and repeatedly as you work to ensure an even color as you paint the grass.
  4. Paint the grass. Start in a corner of your yard and walk backwards as you spray the lawn dye with the lawn sprayer. Work in straight lines, walking back and forth until you cover the entire yard. The painted grass will stay green until you mow the top blades away. Rain or snow will not wash the green dye off after you paint the grass, but be sure that the grass is dry before you start and that no rain is forecast for two hours after. This will give the painted grass time to dry sufficiently.
  5. Paint the grass after mowing. After the first mowing, do not rake the chopped blades of grass away. These will keep your painted grass looking green even after you cut off the painted top layer. You may succeed in delaying the need to paint the grass again for a few more weeks, but once the cut blades are swept away by wind or rain, you will need to repeat the grass painting process to regain that immaculate lawn look.
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