How To Paint A Guitar

You can learn how to paint a guitar and turn an old guitar into a cool looking piece. You could even make an old guitar into a nice piece of art that you hang up. You might even just want to make your guitar look really unique. Either way transforming a guitar is pretty easy with a paint job.

In order to paint a guitar you will need

  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • Spray paint primer
  • Spray paint for wood surfaces
  • Painter’s tape
  1. First you will need to prepare your guitar for painting. In order to do this, remove the guitar strings and tape off areas that you don’t want painted. This is very important unless you want the entire guitar painted. If it’s going to be an art piece that may be fine, but painting the frets could cause problems with sound if you plan on using your guitar for playing music.
  2. Sand the areas of the guitar you would like to be painted. This process will have to be done by hand because guitar wood is so delicate. Carefully sand all areas with sandpaper using careful, circular motions. Continue this until every area has been well sanded.
  3. Wipe the guitar with a damp rag. You will want to remove all traces of dust from sanding. Make sure you get all of the dust out of the cracks. Wipe it clean until the entire area appears to be free from dust.
  4. Start applying the primer to the guitar. You will want to get a nice coat of primer all over the areas you will be painting. Hold the can of primer about twelve inches away from the guitar. Try to spray as evenly as possible and keep a very steady hand. Allow to dry for a couple of hours. You might check the can of spray paint to see how long your particular brand recommends allowing to dry.
  5. Start painting the guitar. Painting the guitar is the last and final step. You should hold the can of spray paint about twelve inches away from the guitar. Spray the entire area you would like painted and apply as evenly as you can. Clean up any spots that have dripped right away. To avoid drips you should apply a thin layer of paint and repaint if necessary. It’s much better to have too little paint than too much.
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