How To Paint A Hockey Helmet

Whether your team is changing colors or you just want to add some flair, it is important to know how to paint a hockey helmet. Learning how to paint a hockey helmet takes some time, but it is not very difficult. Before you start painting your hockey helmet, you will need to gather some materials.

To paint a hockey helmet, you will need:

  • All-weather spray paint
  • A hockey helmet
  • A screwdriver
  • Painter's tape
  • A damp clean cloth
  • A dry clean cloth
  1. Remove the cage and other accessories from the helmet. The first step in painting your helmet is removing the cage and all other accessories from the helmet. Use the screwdriver to detach all these pieces. Make sure that you keep track of the various screws and accessories that you remove; that way it is easy to reattach everything when you have finished painting the helmet.
  2. Clean the helmet thoroughly. Once all of the accessories have been removed from the helmet, the next step is cleaning the helmet. Use the damp cloth to remove all dust and debris from the helmet, that way nothing will interfere with the paint. Once you have gone over the helmet with the damp cloth, use the dry cloth to dry off the helmet. Make sure the helmet is completely dry before you start painting.
  3. Tape off the helmet. Once you have cleaned the helmet, tape off the sections that you don't want painted. You should tape the inside of the helmet with the painter's tape, along with any other parts that you don't want painted. Make sure the tape is on securely and completely before you move on to painting.
  4. Paint the helmet. Once everything is taped off, you can begin painting. Go over the helmet evenly with the all-weather spray paint. After you complete one layer, let the helmet dry. After it has dried, add another layer of paint. Once the second layer has dried, you can remove the tape. Your helmet is now painted.
  5. Reattach your accessories to the helmet. Once your helmet is painted and dry, you can reattach the cage and other accessories to the helmet. Once you do this, you will have successfully painted your hockey helmet.
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