How To Paint A Jet Ski

The summer is here which means people will be getting in the water to keep cool, so now may be a good time to learn how to paint a jet ski. Every now and then a jet ski needs a little touch up, rather than breaking the bank to have it professionally painted do it yourself at home. It’s pretty simple and won’t take all day.

  1. Clean it thoroughly. You can clean it with any cleaning solvent either liquid or powder. Wet a rag with the solvent and wipe the entire Jet Ski specifically paying close attention to any areas that are very dirty. Rinse it with cold water and then dry it with a dry towel.
  2. Sand all of the places you will be painting with grit sand paper. Use at least 150 grit.    
  3. If there are any scratches or dents fill them with filler. There are different types so it’s best to look at the different types to choose the one you prefer. One with hardener is best.
  4. Cover the seat with a tarp to prevent it from getting covered in paint. You can remove the seat instead, but that adds unnecessary work.
  5. Prime the entire surface very well.
  6. Paint one even coat over the area you want to paint. Let that dry.
  7. Paint a second even coat over it. Let this dry.
  8. Paint a clear coating over after the paint has fully dried.

A few things to remember:

  • Wear a paint mask to guard your lungs from dangerous chemicals.
  • This can be a very messy process so wear clothes you don’t mind messing up
  • If you do not already have one, you will need to invest in a paint spray gun. Paint and a brush will not work for this type of job.
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