How To Paint Metal

Learning how to paint metal is not too difficult. You will need a few basic supplies, and you must make sure that the metal surface that you are going to paint is clean, but then you can begin. Following is some advice on how to paint metal.

How to Paint Metal: Materials

  • Oil-based paint
  • Oil-based primer, anti-rust
  • Wire brush
  • Rag
  • Paint brush
  • Water

How to Paint Metal

  1. Buy all that you will need. Any home improvement store will have the supplies that you will need to begin.
  2. Clean the metal surface before you start applying primer or paint. Using a wire brush, scrape away any excess rust or dust. Then, wet the brush, and repeat, to completely remove any dirt, grime, or rust which will get in the way of a good paint job. Using the rag, after you have gently scrubbed the metal with the wire brush, wipe it down, and allow it to dry if the surface got wet from use of the brush.
  3. Apply an anti-corrosive oil-based primer to the metal. Brush this on, using even strokes, as if it was actual paint. This will get the metal surface ready for you to paint over it, and the paint will hold better, and the metal will not rust if the primer goes on correctly.
  4. Paint the metal, after the primer has dried. Try to brush evenly, and apply as many layers as you want, allowing each to dry. Try to use brush strokes with each coat that go in the same direction to make the surface look nice. Once you are satisfied with the painted metal, let the last coat dry, and you are done!

Learning how to paint metal is fairly easy. With the right supplies, you can do this without investing too much money or effort in the task. Once you have finished, your metal surface will no longer be bland and colorless, but rather, it will be as colorful as you want it!

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