How To Paint A Motorcycle

Learning how to paint a motorcycle can be a great way to customize your prized possession. Learning how to paint a motorcycle will ensure that the proper steps are taken to improve life of the paint job. Paining a motorcycle is not as simple as painting plastic lawn furniture although the process is not much more complicated. It is important to prepare the motorcycle properly.  Make sure to remove any obstacles to ensure the painting is successful. The ideal way to paint a motorcycle is in a spray booth, preparing the entire bike with a sand blaster. Most people do not have a spray booth or a sand blaster at home therefore this guide will teach you how to paint a motorcycle without expensive equipment.

What you'll need:

  • Epoxy primer/sealer
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Clear coat
  • 600 and 1500 grit wet/dry sandpaper
  • Plastic filler
  • Variable speed polisher
  1. Prepare a workspace. Prepare workspace, ideally detached from your home such as a storage shed. Completely enclose the workspace. Install bright lighting as lighting is crucial to paint a motorcycle. Ensure that there are no open flames, exposed wiring or devices that could ignite the high flammable paint fumes. Install adequate ventilation such as a window fan.
  2. Prepare for painting. Fill in any low spots on the bike with plastic filler. Sand the filler down after it has dried. Apply another coat of filler and let it dry again. Sand the filler down until everything is smooth and even. Spray a coat of epoxy primer and allow it to dry. Sand the epoxy primer down, apply a second coat and again sand it down until everything is even.
  3. Being painting. Spray the base coat onto the motorcycle. Allow the first coat to dry and wet sand it with 1500 grit. Apply a second coat and allow it to dry, again sanding it afterwards. Apply the final coat of paint. Repeat this process for the clear coat which must be applied over the paint on a motorcycle.
  4. Polish the paint. After painting a motorcycle, polish the paint for a mirror finish. Use a variable speed polisher with a decent polishing compound to give the motorcycle a mirror finish.

Tips: Always work in a well ventilated area, a respirator is recommended when painting a motorcycle. Supplies needed to paint a motorcycle can be found at most major automotive parts stores.

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