How To Paint Paneling

It's tired, dark, and drab, so learn about how to paint paneling. Paneling can look great, giving a room a warm, rustic feel. But old tired paneling can make a room look dark and dreary. Paint paneling to bring it to life and give your room a totally new look. The vertical seams in paneling add a nice architectural feel to a room. When paneling is painted a light color, it brightens the room giving it new life.

To paint paneling, you will need:

  • Sandpaper
  • Power sander, optional
  • Rags
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller
  1. Begin by wiping down the paneling. To paint paneling, it must be clean and free of dirt and cobwebs. Wipe it down starting from the top and wiping toward the floor.
  2. Sand the paneling. The surface of most paneling is slick. For paint to stick to paneling, it needs to be roughed up. Use sandpaper or a power sander to rough up the surface. A light sanding is enough for the paint to have something to grip to. Wipe down the walls to remove the dust created while sanding the paneling.
  3. Vacuum up the dust. While painting, it's best to have a dust-free environment. Vacuum the room to get rid of the dust created while sanding the paneling.
  4. Paint the corners, edges, and seams. Use a paintbrush to paint paneling around the top and bottom edges and in the vertical seams and lines in the paneling. Be sure to get in the lines to get a uniform look to the painted room.
  5. Paint paneling with roller. Most of the paneling can be painted using a roller. For ease, consider using an extension handle to get to the top part of the wall near the ceiling.
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