How To Paint Popcorn Ceiling

Refresh the look of your home by learning how to paint a popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceilings can be easily painted using a soft roller on an extension pole. A freshly painted ceiling can remove years of dingy stains and wear and tear, giving your home an instant upgrade.

To paint popcorn ceiling, you will need:

  • Paint
  • Roller with extender pole
  • Paint tray
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Painters tape
  • Newspaper
  • Duster
  1. Prepare the room for painting. Wrap the ceiling light fixtures with newspaper and secure with tape. Run a length of painters tape along the ceiling line at the top of each wall. Secure only the top half of the tape to the wall. When all the tape is in place, unfold the plastic sheeting and secure one edge of the sheet to the bottom half of the painters tape around the ceiling line to protect the walls. Press the tape onto the plastic sheet to secure. Surround the entire room, on every wall, with plastic sheeting. Cover the floor and any furniture with plastic sheeting.
  2. Dust the ceiling. Use a feather or fiber duster to gently dust the ceiling and remove any cobwebs. Use a gently motion to protect the popcorn finish. A vacuum with the duster attachment can also be used to clean the ceiling.
  3. Paint the ceiling. Fill the paint tray until the paint reaches the grate of the tray. Attach the extender pole to your roller. Roll the roller into the paint and run it across the grate several times to spread the paint evenly. Start at one end of the ceiling and slowly roll paint on in one direction only around the parameter of the ceiling. Note: Do not use the same back and forth rolling commonly used on a wall. Once the popcorn gets wet it will flake off the ceiling when touched. Roll in one direction only. Repeat until the ceiling is painted. If an area of the ceiling needs a second coat, wait until the paint is completely dry before applying more paint.
  4. Spray paint. Once you have prepared the room to paint, it is possible to spray paint a popcorn ceiling. You will need a more sophisticated painting mask and a paint sprayer at an additional expense. For small areas, spray paint in a can is available.

Tips/Warnings: Popcorn is little balls of poly foam that is sprayed on a ceiling. When ceiling popcorn becomes wet it will come off the ceiling with ease. During the process of dusting or vacuuming the ceiling, expect to see some of the popcorn fall off. Painting a popcorn ceiling will create an increase amount of paint drips and splatters. Be prepared with safety glasses, painters mask, and a hat or bandana to cover your head. When buying your roller, ask for the correct roller for painting acoustic ceilings.

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