How To Paint Rocks

Learning how to paint rocks can be a fun activity for families or just for cool landscaping effects. Rocks are easily painted, the hardest part is just cleaning them well enough for the paint to stick. You can use pretty much any type of paint and the rocks will look great in your yard. High gloss rocks might not be the best choice for starting out.

To paint rocks, you will need:

  • Paint of your choice (acrylic works fine)
  • Spray paint primer
  • A heavy duty cleaner
  • A scrubbing pad
  • Paint brushes
  1. Find rocks that you would like to paint. You can pretty much use any kind, but avoid rocks that have been heavily polished. The paint won’t stick as well to those types.
  2. Prep your rocks for painting. To do this, soak the rocks in hot water with a heavy duty cleaner. You should use heavy duty pine cleaner and use about one part cleaner to three parts water. Let the rocks soak for a couple hours.
  3. Remove rocks from the water and start scrubbing. Make sure you remove all traces of dirt by really scrubbing with a good scrubbing pad. Dry your rocks off with a paper towel and allow them to finish drying in the sun until they are completely dry.
  4. Spray the rocks with a good coat of spray paint primer. This will help your paint stick and your color choices show through. Cover the rocks completely. If you want both sides painted, allow the primer to dry on one side before painting the other.
  5. After your primer has dried, start painting with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is very versatile and will last for a long time. You might want to purchase outdoor acrylic paint if your rocks will be outside and exposed to the elements. Paint your rocks using stencils or other designs and allow to dry overnight.
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