How To Paint Rugs

Learning how to paint rugs can be a very relaxing and artistic hobby. Painting rugs can also be a cheap way to update home decor and give the home a facelift. You don't need to be an amazing artist to create a beautiful design on your rug. In fact, all you need are acrylic paints in your chosen color, brushes, and the rugs you want to paint. With those three things and these easy steps painting rugs can become a new fun hobby.

  1. Plan the design. This is probably the most important step in painting rugs. It is always best to plan the design and have a end result in mind. If nothing else plan the color scheme at this stage and move from there.

  2. Sketch it on paper. You want your painting rug design to be as concrete as possible before actually beginning to paint the rug. Get a pencil and paper and draw out every detail of your rug and try and think of ways to make the vision in your head a reality.

  3. Gather supplies. Now that you've gotten your rug painting design down, get all the colors and supplies that you need. Remember to get fabric paint specifically, since it's made to adhere to fabric and is washable, and don't forget to get things like stamps and stencils, in case your design calls for it, or brushes in case you don't have one. You should be able to get supplies for this at any local arts and crafts store. In case, you can't, you can order materials off of the Internet.

  4. Prepare your area. This step is vital because most paints will not come out of fabric or carpet. You do not want your painted rug to become a problem. Find a newspaper or tarp and cover your working area with it. Make sure you cover up enough space to account for any possible amount of splash.

  5. Set up your design. You want to ensure that painting rugs will not turn into an unfortunate incident by allowing the design to take hold on it's own. You want to ensure that your design or your painted rug is set up. An easy way to do this is to tape your design before painting. For example, if your design calls for lines, tape the lines onto your carpet and paint around it. This will insure that the area under the tape will not be painted on. As a result, you should have solid, distinct lines. If you are using stencils, tape one end of your stencil as you paint, and then switch sides to avoid the stencil moving around as you are painting.

  6. Put the fabric paint onto a palette or a piece of wax paper. This way you don't have to expose the entire can to oxidization as you paint. This also allows you the freedom to mix colors.

  7. Paint your rug. You want to paint using a technique known as the dry brush technique, especially if you are stenciling. This technique consists of gradually blotting the area you are painting with a brush dipped it paint with most of the paint blotted off.

After following these steps, you will have a new piece of decor for your home. The painted rug will be an attractive and artistic addition to the home that you can be proud of. Painted rugs can be a new hobby for you and a way to develop your artistic talents.


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