How To Paint A Skateboard Deck

Creating your own skateboard tricks may not be enough for you, so you may want to learn how to paint a skateboard deck. Creativity is not the easiest for some people, and for others its like breathing. No worries just follow this step by step guide on how to paint a skateboard deck.

To paint a skateboard deck, you will need:
  • Paint brushes
  • Spray paint
  • Regular paint
  • Clear shellac


  1. How do you want it to look? Whether you want it to be one solid color, several colors, or have a special design you should decide on that. What may be cool today may not necessarily be cool tomorrow. It is better to come up with your design based on your own specific tastes, rather than what someone likes.
  2. Spray Paint. Take off the wheels on your skateboard. Then proceed to spray the board whichever color you have decided on. If you are going to add an image to the board it is best to spray the board in all black so that the image can stand out.
  3. Images. If you are using an image you can place the image on the board using transfer paper. Once the image has been transferred you can paint the picture using regular paints.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the way your board looks use clear shellac to protect the paint on the skateboard.
Now you can hit the skate parks feeling good about the way your board looks. With all the compliments that you’ll get maybe you can show your friends how to paint a skateboard deck.
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