How To Paint A Steel Door

Properly learning how to paint a steel door will eliminate possible problems later. Examples of problems are brush stokes that cannot be hidden and paint peeling on a newly painted steel door. Most painting problems stem from not correctly preparing the surface. This step should take up more time than the actual painting itself.

To paint a steel door, you will need:

  • A clean rag
  • Alcohol or mineral spirits
  • Spray primer
  • Sandpaper
  • A paint brush
  • A paint roller
  • An airless paint sprayer
  1. All hardware and weather-stripping surrounding the door needs to be removed. This includes the door handle, locks and striking plate. Also any door knockers or kick plates should be removed at this time.
  2. Remove any excess caulking material. Scrape any glazing and use alcohol with a rag to clean the area. If the area is sticky, use mineral spirits instead.
  3. Steel doors need to be cleaned before painting. A mild cleaner or alcohol can be used. Give extra attention to fingerprints and grease. Any windows on the door or any area not to be painted needs to be masked.
  4. Steel doors that are damaged must be repaired before you start to paint. Auto body filler should be used for dents. Once the filler is dry, begin sanding the repair to smooth it. Spray on a small amount of primer to highlight any blemishes. The same filler can also be used on the wood frame. Once the repairs are completed, the entire door must be lightly sanded.
  5. Brushing is the least expensive method of painting steel doors. However, realizing a smooth finish is difficult to achieve. However, satisfying results may be obtained on doors with raised panels.
  6. Rolling your door will provide a quality textured finish. A paint roller is easy to use, and the cost is minimal.
  7. Spraying your steel door will provide the best finish. Spraying with an airless paint sprayer is best suited for smooth finishes.

Ultimately, the method you choose to paint your steel door is what method best suits you. As has been said, proper preparation is the key to a successful project.

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